Easy to use. Everything you need is under your hand.


Convert the cryptocurrency to your favorite currency.


Trusted data source. Rely on the stats and charts you see.

Examine historical crypto price charts

The Crypto Stats charts is a super helpful feature for those who need to get more insights about different cryptocurrencies. The feature to zoom and tooltip on charts, choose between different chart types, and the option to visualize daily, weekly and monthly price variation are all available to be used for free.

Track real-time prices in a single view

The All Coins tab enables you to track the prices of any coin traded in the market. You can easily track the cryptocurrencies statistics including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, LiteCoin, Monero, Waves and more. The Bull Coins tab shows only cryptocurrencies with growing prices. And the Bear Coins tab shows only cryptocurrencies with falling prices accordingly.

Examine volume by exchanges or by crypto currencies

The Crypto coin details page gives you an opportunity to examine the market volumes by exchanges and/or by crypto currencies.

Add favorite coins to the watchlist

If your business depends on certain coins, you can easily add those digital currencies to your watchlist to be able to track their prices easier and faster than ever.

Read news

Welcome to the latest business and finance related news. Switch between different feeds and categories. You can read crypto news within the app to make sure you haven’t missed anything about the coins you follow.

Top regulated brokers

Top regulated brokers are professionals that have registered themselves as members of various government financial institutions. You should only trade with regulated brokers. We have a compiled a list of the 4 very best. Find and examine top regulated brokers.

Crypto Stats Tracker main features at a glance

  • Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
  • High-quality graphics with easy to use dashboard
  • Real-time crypto prices
  • Convert any crypto to any specific currency
  • Daily, weekly and monthly price variation visualization
  • Reading tailored news related to your selected currency
  • Different charts types (candlestick or line)
  • Crypto currencies statistics including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, LiteCoin, Monero, and Waves…
  • Discover top regulated brokers
  • Search by name or coin symbol
  • Useful for amateur and professional crypto traders
  • Choose sort options
  • Examine crypto global data
  • Convert different crypto currencies
  • Examine exchanges
  • Free to use
Why should I install this free cryptocurrency companion app?

Well, this is a fair question to ask and here are just some of the reasons to keep using this free crypto stats and charts application on a daily basis as a source to get real-time news about any digital currency:
One. The data source is trusted and you can easily rely on the stats and charts you see.
Two. It comes with different charts types to make sure your data is visualized the way you need.
Three. You get to read the cryptocurrencies related news whenever you want. The real-time update automatically fetches news as they arrive.
Four. It is extremely easy to use and you get used to the interface after a couple of tries.

And since the entire features of this free finance and business app are available for free, there is no harm giving it a try.


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